The Girl That Will Replace Me One Day..

Dear Replacement, 



I hope you’ll have heard of me I’ve been in his life for the past year- whether we were together or like now, just as friends. I may be the one you bump into on a night out. We have many stories and memories, But please don’t think you cant talk to me. I’ll give everyone a shot, maybe a few if they mean something to someone I care about. Which now, means you. Whatever people say about me whether it be good, bad or stupid it probably is true, especially my protectiveness over my friends. They are like my family. If you have heard me say “I’ll kill her if they hurt him.” its obviously not true, but I will be upset and probably angry. If you hurt him, you will have probably destroyed me, he was my everything for a long time, and even though he isn’t now, I still care deeply. 



Although I’d love to hate you, I don’t. I’m jealous of what you have now, I had that arm around me at night. I had that kiss on my forehead while I was drifting off to sleep. I had him wipe away my tears. I heard the cheeky giggle when I tickled him. I cuddled him when times were hard. But now that’s you. Don’t think it as a responsibility, but do think about if you want a future with him, cause he doesnt deserve being hurt.



When you look into his big brown eyes when hes been “off”, don’t wonder about what he’s thinking. He’ll tell you in his own time, don’t push him to talk to you. He won’t respect you for it. I learnt when he told me about a very sad time in his life. If he opens up and tells you about it, be there, don’t take this lightly. If he’s upset cuddle him, he will probably cry his eyes out and push you away but cuddle him again. Even if its horrible to watch and listen to, do it. He appreciates the little things even if he doesn’t show it. You’ll know this when he’s had a few tequilas and tells you little things you wouldn’t think he’d remember. You’ll appreciate him even more, then he’ll wake up with a headache. 


You’ll find out his favourite film, his favourite games, and his favourite food soon enough. I can guarantee after 10 times of watching that bloody film you’ll be quoting the same parts he does in day-to-day life. You’ll turn into a mini-geek with actors, cartoons and game characters. You will also start to buy or make food you know he loves, even when he’s not coming over- but you’ll do it just in case. 


When your with him, he’ll tease you like hell. But he does it cause he knows he’ll give you a hug and it will all be forgotten. He tormented me about every single thing. Whether it be my choice of dolly shoes when the weather was awful. Or the way bag was way to big for no reason. Or because I was from “the rough area”. He doesn’t do it to hurt you, he just thinks he’s funny! He also knows when he’s close to the line of you losing and it slapping him, and he’ll move towards you and touch you in some way, whether it be a hug, a kiss or tickling you. 


I’m sure you’ll meet his friends, and I’m sure you’ll go to the pub with them at some point. If you go to the bar- look back at him, you’ll notice that he’ll keep looking over just to check your okay. 


You’ll realise all these little things because I’ve said them, but you will also realise a lot more that your yet to discover. Please value them, every little one means he’s letting you that little bit closer. And that’s hard for anyone.


I hope you don’t hate me for liking picture on Facebook or Instagram, because I am female, and I know it can hurt when you see an ex do that. But don’t think I’m doing it to spite you, I’m doing it because he’s my friend. I hope you don’t think that me and him can’t be friends, because I hope he will always be part of my life because he’s awesome, and a fantastic friend to have. I’d like to be friends with you to if you’d let me? Cause like I said, anyone whose close to someone I care about gets a shot with me.

I hope I meet you one day, because we’ve had something not many will experience. That side of him, and you’ll know what I mean when you experience it.


Please treat him well and please don’t hurt him, that’s all I ask.

Hes caring and a gentleman, don’t destroy that.




The Other Girl




The friends that have left or are leaving..

Dear friends,

I know you’ve already left or will be leaving to go traveling soon, whether it be to explore or work but there’s some things I wanna say before..

You know me more than I know myself, and that’s not ridiculous- it’s a fact. You’ve been through some of the tough times- 2 of my friends dying, my mum getting ill, the bad days when I didn’t want to get out of bed. You’ve been there for them and I’ve only known you a year some of them two years. You cared for me when I needed it, you drank with me when I didn’t want to remember it and you told me to stop being an idiot when I was been a dick about it.

There’s random people that aren’t lucky enough to know the people I have in my life. Them people will never know what it’s like to love them, live with them and make memories with them. I have made THE best memories with them from Wales road trips to random film nights at my flat (with numerous beers) and waking up in a bed with another 3 people in it cause they wanted to spoon.

They are like my family.

I love and hate every single one of them for different reasons.

I was heartbroke when my best’en left, she was the person that made me realise I don’t have to give a f**k what people thought of me, and that I was completely okay with who I was as a person.

I still speak to her the best I can with the time difference and I know that one day she will be coming back home (even if I don’t know when that will be)! She’s my girl and I miss her soooo much! I can’t wait for the day she comes home after her amazing travels, and give her a hug! The stories that she will tell over and over will never get boring cause they’ll be sooo many! I love her so much and I can’t wait for her to come home!

I will be even more heartbroken when my 2 favourite boys leave, although ones only for a few months, the other a year I will cry like a baby when they go.

They have put up with my rants, my hormonal girl cries, my indecisiveness and my annoying seal laugh. And if I’m honest, I don’t know who I will talk to everyday when they are gone cause they won’t be able to talk all the time like now. If I hadn’t had these two these last 4 months I don’t know for sure where I’d be right now, or what I’d be doing, or how I would be. They’ve been my rocks and I love them so much for it!

I love you more than anything- always!


The One That’s Really Going To Miss You


My Best Friend..

Dear Bestie,

Thank you. For everything, You were the one who helped me through college, supported me when I couldn’t decide on university and said you’d be there whenever I needed you- even if you were 91 miles away. And you have been.

I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. 

We may not speak everyday, we may not even speak every week but I know- when we do, we pick up from where we left off the last time. When you moved away for uni I thought I’d lose you for good, but I haven’t. I’ve still got you, and I still love you as much as I did when I first met you 4 years ago.

When we first met you, I knew we’d be good friends. But, what I didn’t realise is that you were going to be the person I turned to for advice, every worrying issue and the boy issues. After a few weeks of knowing you, I realised we were like the perfect couple, we argued, we laughed and we cried. we also hated the exact same people for the exact same reasons *cough, Hilary, cough*. 

You supported me when I thought I was ill- helping me tell Sue was the hardest thing I’d done in a long time and could not have done it without you. When my mum got ill, when I was losing the will to live with college as well as with life. You helped me through it all, and never stopped and thought about it, you just did it.

You never stopped defending me, and you knew and still know I will always have your back when you need me. Hilary had nothing on us- you messed with one of us, you got us both! When you went out of class cause she pissed you off and she said “if you step out of this classroom your getting banned from this class”, my reply “you’ll be doing me a favour love, and I dare you to stop me going about her.” 

Your my main gal, my Eddy, my class clown and most of all- my partner in crime.

You never fail to cheer me up, make me laugh and are always there to send me a stupid snapchat to make me smile. I still have most of the pictures of us from college, the Tigger card you made me for my birthday and still cuddle my Tigger teddy you got me.

I know we’ve had our mini arguments then our massive explosive fights, but we could never last longer than a day or two being mad at each other, mainly because we needed to bitch about our common hatred- Hilary.
I got to spend 2 amazing years with you 24/7, and I’m so happy about that cause the memories we’ve had together will never be replaced or forgotten cause they were the best years of my life!

I just wanted you to know I love you.

I always will.

And no matter where I end up going in the world- I will never be busy if you want to talk.


The One Who Loves You Very Much