The friends that have left or are leaving..

Dear friends,

I know you’ve already left or will be leaving to go traveling soon, whether it be to explore or work but there’s some things I wanna say before..

You know me more than I know myself, and that’s not ridiculous- it’s a fact. You’ve been through some of the tough times- 2 of my friends dying, my mum getting ill, the bad days when I didn’t want to get out of bed. You’ve been there for them and I’ve only known you a year some of them two years. You cared for me when I needed it, you drank with me when I didn’t want to remember it and you told me to stop being an idiot when I was been a dick about it.

There’s random people that aren’t lucky enough to know the people I have in my life. Them people will never know what it’s like to love them, live with them and make memories with them. I have made THE best memories with them from Wales road trips to random film nights at my flat (with numerous beers) and waking up in a bed with another 3 people in it cause they wanted to spoon.

They are like my family.

I love and hate every single one of them for different reasons.

I was heartbroke when my best’en left, she was the person that made me realise I don’t have to give a f**k what people thought of me, and that I was completely okay with who I was as a person.

I still speak to her the best I can with the time difference and I know that one day she will be coming back home (even if I don’t know when that will be)! She’s my girl and I miss her soooo much! I can’t wait for the day she comes home after her amazing travels, and give her a hug! The stories that she will tell over and over will never get boring cause they’ll be sooo many! I love her so much and I can’t wait for her to come home!

I will be even more heartbroken when my 2 favourite boys leave, although ones only for a few months, the other a year I will cry like a baby when they go.

They have put up with my rants, my hormonal girl cries, my indecisiveness and my annoying seal laugh. And if I’m honest, I don’t know who I will talk to everyday when they are gone cause they won’t be able to talk all the time like now. If I hadn’t had these two these last 4 months I don’t know for sure where I’d be right now, or what I’d be doing, or how I would be. They’ve been my rocks and I love them so much for it!

I love you more than anything- always!


The One That’s Really Going To Miss You



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